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Hard Parts

HP101A Victor Script

Victor Script for Victor counters. Chrome plated.

Sales price: $38.50

HP101B Glasco Script

Glasco script for Glasco 50 also known as GBV-50 Starlet. ...

Sales price: $38.50

HP101C Westinghouse Script

Westinghouse Script An exact replication of the badge ...

Sales price: $37.50

HP101D Westinghouse Script

Westinghouse script badge for chests and DU-144.

Sales price: $37.50

HP101E Cavalier Script

Cavalier script for many square top machines. Goes near the ...

Sales price: $20.00

HP101F LaCrosse Script

LaCrosse script. Chrome finish.

Sales price: $24.50

HP103 Leg Levelers

These are the deluxe levelers.

Sales price: $1.65

HP103A Leg Leveler Mounting Plate

Leg leveler mounting plate. These go on our HP103. Will ...

Sales price: $1.50

HP105 Cup Washers

Cup washer for attaching entry bezels of machines with a ...

Sales price: $0.75

HP107B Rivets

Rivets for attaching stamped stainless steel face plates on ...

Sales price: $0.20

HP107C Rivets

Round head stainless steel rivet used on coin entry plates ...

Sales price: $0.25

HP110A Fillister Head Bolt

Bolt that holds the inner lock bezel on the bottle loading ...

Sales price: $0.95

HP113 Wafer Clips

Clip that holds VMC-33 and VMC-27 roller wafers on shaft. ...

Sales price: $0.15

EP21A Slug Rejector

Slug Rejector AKA Coin Acceptor for Coinco units.

Sales price: $44.00

HP118A Lid Support 1.5

Lid supports for Ideal and Glasco GBV-50 sliders. This ...

Sales price: $18.75

HP120 Pan Brace

Pan Brace to hold up pan or liner in chests with rib. Just ...

Sales price: $22.50

HP12A Hinge

Hinge for Westinghouse Junior cooler. Stainless steel.

Sales price: $16.00

HP12B Hinge

Hinge for Westinghouse Standard and Master coolers. (Pre ...

Sales price: $15.00

HP12C Bow-Out Hinge

Hinge for Westinghouse & some Cavalier Bow-out chest ...

Sales price: $17.00

HP12D Slider Hinge

Hinge for Ideal 55 Slider lids. These are non-textured ...

Sales price: $14.75

HP12E Ideal & Glasco Side Door Hinge

Hinge Ideal 35, Ideal 55 and Glasco GBV-50's.

Sales price: $20.00

HP14A Early Electric Handle

Handle for Westinghouse Early Electric machines. Very ...

Sales price: $38.50

HP14B Closed Front Handle

Handle for Westinghouse Closed Front machines. An exact ...

Sales price: $47.50

HP14C Westinghouse Handle

Handle for Westinghouse Junior Standard and Master coolers. ...

Sales price: $58.00
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